Areas of Expertise


What We Do

TopShelf Projects is comprised of industry veterans specializing in professional 3D design & drafting that provides innovative solutions to a wide range of industries including oil and gas, municipal, wastewater and potash projects.


We collaborate among all teams in any project – our clients, the field and our design team. Open communication and transparency leads to success. Together we can accomplish our goals through strong leadership and effective collaboration.

Increased productivity and efficiency
Quality designs
Strong relationship among all teams


Hiring and training repeatedly through business ebbs and flows results in enormous costs. Navigate past industry fluctuations seamlessly with TopShelf. Contact us for all your drafting and design needs, even when project workloads change.

Less time spent screening new hires
Save countless hours and high costs
Consistent excellence and quality
Depend on a team you can trust time and time again

clients testimonials


"The team at TopShelf Projects has been an integral part of our project execution success by providing top quality design work in timely fashion."


"So far we have dropped in about 12,000 of 18,000 inches and we have yet to have a single cutout."


"It's been a long time since I have surveyed a new site that is as good as this. Well- designed, well-constructed, well-operated and with good management systems."

Who We Are

TopShelf employs senior designers, drafters, & project managers with sound project execution principles. The leadership team has 50 plus years of combined experience and expertise in the industry, possessing a remarkable knack for public relations and targeting the client’s objective.