Committed to the future of sustainable energy.

Our design solutions incorporate green energy technology, preparing for a cleaner world for future generations.

From renewables to power generation, TopShelf is progressing forward with this energy transition.


TopShelf provides full facility designs for the oil & gas industry. Facility layouts from conceptual design, block flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, P&IDs, plot plans, 3D models, skid layouts, vendor reviews and approvals, spooling, materials document controlling, construction support to providing ‘as-built’ drawings.

Our years of dedicated service and proven track record in the Energy Industry are reasons why clients worldwide work with TopShelf.

  • Wellhead Sites
  • Gathering Systems
  • Pipeline Riser
  • Pigging Facilities
  • Compressor Stations
  • Single Well Batteries
  • Test Facilities/Test Separator Skid
  • Inlet Separator
  • Water Injection Pump Facilities & Skid Packages
  • Oil Transfer Pump Skids
  • Oil Batteries
  • Skim/Recycle/Transfer Pumps
  • LACT Packages
  • Vessel Skids (FWKO/Treater/Etc.)
  • Green Energy Solutions